Racer Information

Racer Board Members

Catrina Brossart

Randy Compson

Jason Ehlers

Karen England

Jamis Jurgens

Randy Nixon

Chuck Willey

Please feel free to go to any board member with questions or concerns.  You can still call Jessica or Milton.  If you would want to connect with a racer this is one way to do it.


Shootout Races:

Box     $75

No-Box     $65

Trophy Shootout     $40

Junior Minor and Major $30

Points Races:

Super Pro    $75

Pro     $ 60

Bike/Sled     $50

Sportsman     $45

Street Trophy      $40

High School      $30

Major/Minor     $30

Test and Tune     $30


60% of the entry fees of each class. 

Trophy and Junior Classes - trophy Junior Classes will still receive gift cards from Bankwest

Bike/Sled Winner: $300 Runner Up: $100

Street Trophy, H.S. and Major/Minor receive trophies unless otherwise stated.




May 12, 2014  TECH CARD LABELS

Karen England was nice enough to share the format she uses to print her tech card labels.Click here


WE STILL HAVE VP We carry M1, 110, 113, C11, C12, C14 and can special order fuels in.

Please call for information on fuel

Please call for price per gallon. We carry full drum (54 gallon) or per gallon fuel out at the track  Monday thru Friday and on race weekends.


Friday Night Street Legal
Drag Racing Basics
Coca Cola Points Series