2017 Oahe Racers Association

Mulligan Card Rules

Shootout Races Only

  • A Mulligan Card will allow you to buy back in Shootout Races Only.

  • A Mulligan Card can be purchased for Box/No Box (One Class), Trophy and Junior Shootouts.

  • The Mulligan Card must be purchased at the same time you purchase your tech cards The fee will be the same as the class tech card, and must be purchased in the same class you are running in.

  • The Mulligan Card is valid only for the date it is purchased.  Refunds will only be allowed if you break during first time trial.

  • The Mulligan Card is only valid for use by the car number and class for which it was purchased. 

  • The Mulligan Card must be used for the round immediately following a round loss.  You cannot skip a round or rounds. When the next round, after your loss, is called you must present your car and Mulligan Card in staging. 

  • There will be no ladders for Shootout races.  All pairings will be on a random choice selection process.  Byes will be random based on tower selection process. 

  • Only one bye per racer.  Competiton byes will not count toward random bye selection.

  • There will be only one payout for Box/No Box class.  Trophy Shootout and Junior Shootout will receive trophies only. 

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